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Albatros (Oeffag) D.III (DPC Models)

This Albatros D.III was built from a DPC Models/ Aero-Werkes “pseudo dimescale” kit. I just can’t get enough of the Backhausen printed camo fabric so I decided to build this in a generic post-war Polish scheme. Don’t look too closely- I didn’t really do anything to the outlines to make it an Oeffag. Only the color scheme gives it away. (Side note: Backhausen is still in business and they have a textile museum in Vienna. Info here.)

Some construction notes:

-Tissue is a inkjet-printed. I designed the printed “sworl” fabric patterns in Adobe Illustrator. The faux woodgrain effect was created in Photoshop. I followed this great tutorial on youtube:

-The “metal” panels on the cowling area and noseblock are all silver sharpie marker on black tissue. I also used silver sharpie for all other silver detailing- radiator, louvers, etc.

-Struts are colored with black sharpie.

-The rigging is .5mm “Stretch Magic” jewelry cord. It’s great stuff and I’ll use it again in the future but I think it ended up being a little too thick for a model this size.

-Spoked wheels are from Alan Cohen’s “Hobby Specialties.”

-For now I’m going with a standard Peck prop. It’s colored with light and brown sharpies. The effect isn’t exactly what I wanted but it’s better than plain gray plastic.

-The profile pilot was included as a part in the kit and I colored him with markers and gel pens. The scarf is white tissue.

-Cockpit coaming is brown craft foam sliced very thinly and tacked on with white glue.

I have not yet flown the model.

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