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Finally, an update!

July 24, 2011

I’ve had a chance to going flying a few times this past week and had a great time. The biggest success was my Comet dimescale Curtis Robin.





But… I had a slight issue with my Hopfner. After a long wait to find some flying time, I got it trimmed out but it flew straight into some trees. Lesson learned- I needed a retrieval pole. I bought a golf ball retriever, went back in the evening and found it had fallen to the ground. Then I accidentally manhandled it a little and crushed the fuse. Bittersweet. Time to rebuild!



Stay tuned…


Mulligan Stew for Bloom

March 24, 2011

Slight progress on Baxter. Filled in some detail. Moving things around to get the proportions right- that’s the hard part. Will be building a simple test model soon (I hope).

Suggested listening (probably NSFW):

Feed your head

March 18, 2011

Been kicking around ideas for a fiction flyer for a few months now and have settled on what I’m calling “Baxter” from the cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “After Bathing at Baxter’s.” For an aural excursion, listen to the album on youtube. (Possibly NSFW if your co-workers are squares.) Two things really make me want to build this- the fact that it would be absolutely ridiculous to make a rubber-powered model of Baxter, and the crazy wild colors. Seriously, how fun is this?

My first step was a simple sketch I drew during an ultra exciting university student retention retreat.

Step 2 is to draw it up in Illustrator. I’m trying not to get too carried away with detail at this point while at the same time giving myself a good idea of proportion of the various bits and bobs that will hang off the fuse (?). This will also really help as being a template for printed tissue.

More to come…


March 11, 2011

Hello, world! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start a website/blog and well, a couple months late but here we are.  I’ve uploaded some pics of my models and will post more soon. Hopefully, I’ll have some new pics of a new project up soon. Stay tuned!

I also have uploaded a collection of Deathtrap Squadron Plans, Emmanuel Fillon Plans, and Carlo Godel drawings.