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DFW Floh

I’ve been fascinated with the DFW T28 “Floh” (or “Flea” in English) for a long time. I kind of hate to say it, but the thing is just darned “cute.” There’s no wiki article for the Floh (blasphemous!) but a quick googling should bring up some info on it. A Windsock Datafile Mini is available through Byrd Aviation.

The Floh was a one-off German fighter prototype from early WWI. As is probably obvious, the design’s main problem was visibility when landing.


Not sure what possessed me to build this into a rubber-powered free flight model other than the “cuteness” factor.  It’s not the ideal candidate for a free flight model!

I enlarged the Windsock 3-view to about 20″ span and drew in some basic structure.

I think the tailfeathers turned out rather nice. I saw no reason to enlarge the stab, but the fin could probably be a little taller.

I made some tall supports to square up (or more accurately, “inverted-triangle-up”) the fuse sides.

This is about as far as I got before I had to move across state. I think the model is in a box somewhere. If not, I really need to start a second one…


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