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Fillon Plans

Emmanuel Fillon Plans

I have archived plans (click link above) that were freely available on the late Emmanuel Fillon’s now defunct website.  Since they were freely distributed (and stamped as “free”) on his official website, I hope it is not an issue re-posting them here. FYI these are all large-ish jpeg files that are not necessarily tiled to be home-printer friendly. More Fillon plans can be purchased from the AMA plans service or SAMS UK.

Plans in collection:

Albatros D.V
Albert TE1
Atalante GB10
Bellanca F
Bernard 201Tlackburn “Airedale” 188
Bleriot XI “Gouin” (parasol)
Bleriot XI
Bleriot XI-2 “Pegoud”
Boisavia B.80
Botali P.A.M.A.
Caudron 109
Caudron Aiglon
Caudron Thompson Trophy Racer
Caudron Luciole
Caudron C410 Le Phalene
Caudron Renault Simoun
Colibri Leopoldoff L3
Darmstadt D18
Dayton-Wright Racer
Dewoitine 501/510/560
Farman 200/201
Farman 400
Farman Carte Postale
Fellot Lacour
Fike E
Gerard Club 45
Hanriot 160
Hanriot 180
Hanriot 431
HM 21
JP21 “Globe Trotter”
Lignel 44 S.F.C.A.
Maubousin Hemiptere
Maubousin 123 Corsaire
Morane Saulnier 140
Morane Saulnier 180
Morane Saulnir 341
Morane Saulnier 350
Morane Saulnier H
Morane Saulnier L
Niolas Claude NC2 “Aquilon”
Peyret Nessler
Peyret Taupin
Pipistrelle MB.50
Polikarpov (model?)
Potez 36
Potez 58
Potez 60
Prest Baby Pusuit
Renard 31
Renard 33
Romano R.80
Sablier 12
Salmson D.5
Salmson D.6 Cricri
Salmson Phrygane
Stinson O
Volland V.10
Wibault 340

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