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BF 109F

This is my first completed nocal, a BF 109F in Hungarian experimental camo scheme.  Minimal info on the full-size plane is available at the Hungary & WWII forum.

I used the Deathtrap 109G plan as a starting point and sized it to a 16″ span. Prop is an Ikara from A2Z Corp. Tissue is all inkjet printed. I’m still trimming this out and

having a little trouble with it. It almost seems too light if that is even possible- almost like it can’t cut through the air.

Update: 109F nocal turned into an extreme potato chip during the winter and is no more. I learned an important lesson about covering when it is very humid!

Texan II

I wanted to have another go at a nocal and chose the Texan II trainer because of its good proportions for free flight. I’m hoping it can be competitive in the FAC nocal category. I’ll admit I didn’t have a great plan for the structure- I just put sticks where it looked like they should go. Prop is a Ikara from A2Z. Tissue is inket printed. Instead of building a slot in the fuse for the stab to fit into, I built a slot in the stab to fit the fuse into. I can tack and adjust the stab until I get the glide right, and it’s all very snug without resorting to shims of any sort. I’m hoping to trim it out this summer.

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